Brewfest Gets a Little Facelift This Year


Around this time for the past few years, people have been putting aside their differences to just get drunk and dance around town together. Yep, as you thought, only in a fantasy land could people give up being a total douche-nozzle and just have fun. Azeroth is about to enjoy Brewfest, a celebration based on a bit of Octoberfest and Cinco De Mayo (but only because Mexicans are dwarves… 4 srsly). You have a chance to kill Coren Direbrew for new loots and special mounts again, which you know I will be doing my 5 attempts everyday. You can head on over to the WoW-wiki guide page for help with everything there is to do or you could take a trip over to MMO-Champion and check out the new items and other stuff like upcoming patch notes and all that jazz. BUFF HUNTERS PLZ! (not that they need it, just because I want them to)

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