This story is a few days old but I didn’t stumble upon it until now and since I’m sure a few of my fellow action figure collectors missed out on this too I can’t rob you of it. Anyway, actionfigureinsider reports that some Toys-R-Us stores will begin taking pre-orders on some action figures and collectibles. Select stores will have a display (pictured above) that will hold order slips that you can take up to the register and pre-order the figures you want much like you do with video games. Before you shit yourself at the thinking this will make it easier for you to get your hands on hard to find figs from Marvel Legends or DC Universe lines understand this initiative is more geared towards collector oriented lines like NECA and Diamond. Although, this will start off as a test in certain locations I imagine this will do real well. As a collector myself I’ll be taking full advantage of this. I’d rather take a 5 minute drive to Toys-R-Us than have my wallet raped by online shipping costs.

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