Blindness May Be Soon Cured With Your Tooth

Talk about eye candy. This was on the news today and if I’m correct my sources are either insane, or brilliant:

A team of specialists at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine announced Wednesday that they are the first surgeons in the United States to restore a person’s sight by using a tooth. The procedure is formally called modified osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis (or MOOKP).

Sharron “Kay” Thornton, 60, went blind nine years ago from a rare disorder called Stevens-Johnson syndrome. The disorder left the surface of her eyes so severely scarred she was legally blind. But doctors determined the inside of her eyes were still functional enough that she might one day see with the help of MOOKB.

They think that soon they can cure, balls out blindness, and thats pretty insane. Apparently from what I hear they take a tooth and drill straight through it, then apply a repaired or prosthetic lens to it. They say that a tooth from the host is less likely to be rejected than donated eyes.

Fucked up, huh? In a good way.

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