So this afternoon I opened up a mysterious box on my front porch…Inside that box was another large cardboard box, with strange, ruddy red asian symbols on it and just beneath that the words. . .”Tru Blood”

Then I remembered, quite a few months back I ordered my four pack of the bloody delicious, O Positive drink from HBO.com for a more engorged price than Jason Stackhouse’s cock after he took to much V! I tore into the cool looking box and found to my delight beautifully crafted and authentic looking glass bottles too cool to open. Though having to sample one to relay to fans and readers alike, it is like an orange soda with a sweeter yet crisper bite to it and colored a gushing burgundy squeezed from blood oranges.

Buy it for consumption value, with or without alcohol, (Recipes on the website) or just for novelty to display.

Nerd tested. Bastard approved.

Category: Nerd Culture, TV