Even Side, Many Whelps… HANDLE IT!


Today a new patch has been deployed for all of us WoW players. Servers are up and its time to kill Onyxia, The Brood Mother, again. She has been updated for level 80 raiders to face roll over and get phat lootz. The loot re-uses a lot of the old models from when Onyxia was a level 60 raid instance but updated the stats to ilvl 232 and 245, so everyone can massage their e-peen even more. The patch also has a bunch of the usual changes to class mechanics, in game items, and instances and what not. Head on over to MMO-Champion for really in-depth coverage and official patch notes.  Also, if you guys don’t know how serious this place used to be, you get a 50 DKP Minus! MORE DOTS!

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