Jedi Leader Thrown Out Of Store…

This is news is a few days old but still to goddamn good to pass on. Apparently a man in the UK was asked to leave a store because he would not take his hood off…In his ceremonial Jedi Garb

My source at the DailyMail confirmed the following.

Daniel Jones, 23, who has 500,000 followers worldwide, was told the hood flouted store rules and was ordered to remove it or leave the supermarket.

As a result Jones, who also goes by the Jedi name Morda Hehol, claims he has been ‘victimised over his beliefs’ and left ’emotionally humiliated’ by the supermarket in Bangor, North Wales.

But Tesco hit back in the spirit of the epic space saga and claimed that the three most well known Jedi Knights in the Star Wars movies – Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker – all appeared in public without their hoods.

Mr Jones, from Holyhead, said his religion dictated that he should wear the hood in public places and is considering legal action against the chain.

‘It states in our Jedi doctrination that I can wear headwear. It just covers the back of my head,’ he said.’You have a choice of wearing headwear in your home or at work but you have to wear a cover for your head when you are in public.’

So does this mean he has 500,000 diciples, or friends on FaceBook and MySpace combined!!! I believe Daniel Jones has every right to express his religious beliefs, but he has to understand that to most…The Jedi Religion is just a joke. The only way I would have totally backed him up would have been if he waved his hand by the store workers face and said, “I don’t need to remove my hood in Tescos…”

And then the employee said, “You don’t need to remove your hood in Tescos…”

“I can go about my business…”

“You can go about your business…”

Move along.

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