After what seemed like an eternity of nothingness regarding any sort of information involving the Deadpool movie, God himself (Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld) just tossed a Phoenix Down on the project. We were all worried that Mr Reynolds’ casting as some pussy with a ring would put the Deadpool movie on it’s death bed, but a series of tweets by Liefeld has proven otherwise. Rob apparently had a meeting today about the film and all seemed to go well. Ryan is still slated to play Wade Wilson, Deadpool will be in full costume, the “fourth wall” is going to be toast, and tons of people will get their shit pushed in… and that is just the audience!

For the full series of tweets from Mr. Liefeld’s Twitter page go here and be sure to check out Deadpool Bugle for up to date news regarding everything that has to do with your favorite Merc With A Mouth.

Start investing stock in “Tearing Ass”, because I have a feeling the market for that is going to explode.

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