Tank or Bank-Surrogate, Fame and Pandorum


         ( This picture was the one I found when I searched for Surrogate in my search engine)…..  So “Raining Meatballs”? Last week was a surprise to say the least, but it should be expected considering that Pixar-type movies always DESTROY at the box office. “Jennifer’s Body” was my pick, but considering my review, it did exactly what it deserved. TANK. I was expecting it as a Diablo Cody vehicle that it was going to be a Juno-esque hit. Not only was I wrong about its ranking, I was wrong about its BANK. It got exactly the amount of bank it wrought in amount of quality.

            So much for that.

            Now we have the coming of yet another strange and unique Bruce Willis sci-fi film in the same blood of 5th Element, Unbreakable, Live Free or Die Hard (It was internet based, AND he blew up a helicopter with a car!! THAT’S fiction!!!). The contender is Fame and Pandorum, a musical and another interesting sci-fi film. Now with the new found success of musical films such as Mama Mia, High School Musical 1 through 37, and Hairspray, Fame may get just that. Unfortunately that leaves Pandorum as the underdog this week in my speculation. Yes there are other films opening wide today, but I am expecting these three, battling against last weeks success’s to lead the running.

            So what am I thinking….I think that the girly genre will give Fame a significant BANK while the older crowd loves a Bruce Willis extravaganza! If that Meatball piece of shit keeps a strong hold, I believe Surrogate will lead the charge at the 1 spot, while Fame and the kiddy movie grapple for 2 and 3. So, speculation is as follows, Surrogate BANKS with Fame stealing much of what it could’ve possibly made, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” will also steal some of their thunder. But unfortunately unless it pulls a huge upset, Pandorum TANKS because of bad timing and worse competition.

         NerdBastards Unite! Hail to the Disciples of the Silver Screen!

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