With just a couple months left to go until this bad larry is released, Square-Enix released a 7 minute long trailer for Final Fantasy XIII at the Tokyo Game Show. I’m not exactly sure if I’m watching a game or movie trailer, but it looks like it has a long and convoluted plot filled with love, heart-break, more silver-haired baddies (Again?), some hot librarian broad, and a lot of blonde people (again?! Stop that shit). I will say that the gameplay, which looks like there will be a lot of “mounted” special attacks (I saw two in that trailer, including a transformer!), looks great. Seems like this game heralds in a return to the older style Final Fantasy battle systems, even though I liked FFXII’s set up, which is definitely something a lot of fans suggested. All I can say is that I want to play this game. A lot. Preferably nude, with a lot of Pasta Bowls from Domino’s and a few 40’s of Private Stock. Thanks to Kotaku for enlightening me on this gorgeous piece of animation…

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