Jenny Slate Is Safe From the Wrath of SNL

Safe! Jenny Slate has slid into home after a near “FUCK” up could’ve cost her the career of her dreams, the second the dream started. The Washington Post got a hold of Lorne Michaels:

“It was literally her first time on the show,” Michaels explained to the Washington Post. “There was nothing dirty, just a slip of the tongue. It was ‘frickin’, frickin’, frickin’ ‘ and then boom! The pain that Jenny is going through is, I’m sure, considerably worse than that experienced by anybody who saw it.”

“It has to be an actor’s worst nightmare,” Michaels said. “Your first time on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and this happens. You could sense the mortification in the studio.”

The network has also come out to deny reports that Slate is on her way out. “She will not be fired,” said NBC spokeswoman Sharon Pannozzo.

Times they are a changin’. Charles Rocket was fired in 1981, the year of our lord, for the same offense. Poltical correctness has gone too far….Who am I kidding, I’m  glad she hasn’t been tossed overboard, she has already gotten the best publicity she could get by droppin’ the bomb.

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