Blood Energy Drink! For all you psychotic Vampire freaks (myself included), this vamp shit has gone WAY too far!!But How FUCKING COOL!! Urban Collector is taking pre-orders for Jan.2010 Shipping and has a full description of this deliciously sinister energy drink. At 5.99 a pop, it’s a good deal compared to Tru Blood. I’m sure all the little fangirls of the Twilight Universe will make the Christine Foley’s of the world bitter and furious about sparkling daytime vampires, but at the same time, make her want to drench herself in it, ala’ Akasha and Lestat…These crazy kids and their Vampire popularity gang wars…

Urban Collector:

Blood Energy Potion is our newest pre-order. New from the makers of Mana and Health Energy Potion comes Blood Energy Potion: the world’s first synthetic blood beverage. The fruit punch flavor packs 4 hours of energy along with iron, protein, and electrolytes. Not only does Blood Energy Potion have a similar nutritional makeup to real blood, but it has the same color, look, and consistency of blood. Get real blood nutrients without that real blood taste! The re-sealable transfusion bag style pouch provides the convenient delivery of fluids for vampires and humans alike! Contains no real blood, just synthetic!

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