Marvel: The Expanding Universe Wall Chart

Wall 1

OK, so I’m not exactly the person you would sit down with and have a Marvel Legends chat with. I mean, I can name quite a few characters but to be honest, I know next to nothing about the Marvel World. However-this Wall Chart is pretty darn amazing and even I wouldn’t mind displaying it proudly above my bed. The book, Marvel: The Expanding Universe Wall Chart, is part decorative poster, part history. On one side of the chart is the detailed artwork of how each Marvel character relates to one another. One the backside, there is a detailed amount of interesting facts about the Marvel characters and the history of the Marvel universe. For the first time ever, a visual representation is available for collectors and non-collectors alike. More then 300 Marvel characters are portrayed in this on-of-a-kind item. Michael Mallory, who is the author of X-Men: The Characters and Their Universe and Marvel: The Characters and Their Universe, created this piece of work. And with Marvel’s 70th Anniversary this year, this seems to be a wonderful addition to the celebration. What a wonderful way to say Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas or Happy Kwanzaa to that special Marvel fan/friend we all know and love. The book goes for $45.00 and hits stores come October. You can buy it at Rizzoli Books via Craveonline.

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