SNiff 2

I’ve always loved having dogs as pets. They are gentle, energetic, funny creatures that really do make good companions. But at last, there is a dog that isn’t loud, doesn’t smell, and does not take giant craps in your front yard. Meet Sniff, a “bionic” dog that is actually able to “sniff” objects and react to them. Now, this actually brings back memories from when I got my father one of those I-Dogs that you hooked up to your I-Pod. Very cool, interactive toy but definitely not as cuddly as Sniff. Sara Johansson, Timo Arnall, and Einar Sneve Martinussen first created Sniff as an original design for a school course at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. What he aims to do is explore non-visual interaction through sound and vibration as an aid to visually impaired children. He has the appearance of a regular plush animal but has a RFID reader, speaker, vibration monitor, USB connection and an arduino wave shield. When his nose is placed next to any object with and RFID tag, Sniff reacts in a variety of different ways (for example: vibrate or make noises), giving instant feedback to the child. Sniff isn’t available yet but something tells me this little guy is going to be huge! Check out the Concept Book via DVICE for more information.

Category: Nerd Culture