Adopt A Baby Monitor On The Cheap!

500x_DoubleSightSmartUSB-2Being a guy is rough. We have this thing about wanting to buy anything electronic even if we don’t need it. Not only that, but we also have this other thing with wanting to own the largest and smallest devices so we can show it off and feel like bad asses. Even I suffer from this… affliction. So it’s no surprise that I am, as I type this, looking for useless junk to hock so I can buy a couple miniature, USB-powered monitors. Doublesight has introduced a new line of cute little baby monitors in 7 and 9 inch flavors that won’t break the bank. They only require an open USB port to operate so it will not only keep your outlets available, but you don’t need to drop mucho cash on a new video card. the 7 inch retails for $120 and the 9 inch starts at $140. They also can go between horizontal and vertical views, SICK! Save some desk space and pick up one of these for anything really. Disregard the fact that you can buy a regular monitor for about the same price and you are golden . Thank you, Gizmodo, for making me want like 8 of these. For no reason, what-so-ever.

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