Realistic Cartoons: Kinda Creepy


Have you ever wondered what a cartoon character would look like if he/she were humanized? Well, some people have enough creativity to try and create this human likeness and let’s just say they do a pretty good job at it. Some are incredibly similar and others are just downright creepy. Sometimes I don’t know what people are thinking by making these friendly cartoons seem like nightmarish horror stories gone all wrong. Check out these pics….

Toronto artist Adnan Saleem created Homer Simpson. (above)

Stan SMith

Photoshop artist Mata Leone created Stan Smith.

Jess Rabbit

Pixeloo created Jessica Rabbit.


Pixeloo created Mario.

Charlie Brown

Artist Tim O’Brien created Chuck Brown (version of Charlie Brown of course.)


Movie makeup effects artist Rick Baker created Popeye.


Polish surrealist Jaroslaw Kukowski created the painting The New Millennium. Similar to the Teletubies?


JinxRLM created Tycho

South Park 1

SP 2

Deviant Art member Kuroi-Tsuki created the boys of South Park.
Thanks to Mental Floss for the find.

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