Heading Costumes

October is almost here and that means, come October 31, which we all know so well as Halloween, skanky females will be trotting around wearing as little clothing as possible and having almost every nook and cranny of their body accentuated. So, to all you women out there, here is my list of the Top 10 Sexy Costumes I think you should wear in order to help my nerdy-self feel as though you are showing off just for me.

Silk Spectre

Number 10: Silk Spectre $59.99

What a hot little totty in that almost suspender-like outfit. Makes you want to be her Dr. Manhattan.


Number 9: Duluxe Catwoman $43.99
All that’s missing is a whip and then I am all yours honey.

Wonder Woman

Number 8: Wonder Woman $59.99
Strength, super speed, stamina, and flight-why don’t you fly right over to where I’m sitting.


Number 7: Meet the Jetsons-Judy $54.99
When you met the Flinstone’s I wanted to be Iggy Sandstone…fall in love with me.


Number 6: Robin $59.99
If you dress like this I will be the Black mask and chase you around baby.


Number 5: Supergirl $59.99
Oh little darlin, I want to be your Superman.

Princess Leia Regular

Number 4: Princess Leia $59.00
There is just something amazing about a woman holding a loaded gun.

Lt. Leslie

Number 3: Lt. Leslie $49.99
You can walk around in my red shirt all day long if you look like that.


Number 2: Wizard Wanda $59.99
Not exactly Hermione, but it will do…wave my wand.

Sexy Leia

Number 1: Princess Leia Slave $59.99
I’m speechless….I want to be HER slave.

All above costumes can be found at Halloween31.

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