100% Whole Wheat Iphone Dock

iPod Touch Bread Dock

Iphone Savior has done it. They have taken Apple’s overpriced expensive gear and made it affordable for a the everyday common man…or homeless guy who steals an Iphone and wants a dock…

New Zealand food sculptor Alex Efimov, dreamed up the ultimate in edible, disposable iPod docks made from 100% whole wheat. It’s the first iPod dock with an expiration date. This wildly satirical take on do-it-yourself iDocks, comes on the heals of many fantastical creations unveiled recently by iPhone and iPod touch fanatics across the blogosphere.

Wow. A little butter and some jam? You might crack a tooth, make sure you remove the iPhone before you take a  bite! The first ever delicious Ipod dock I believe. Makes me think what else we could make docks out of…

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