Funny, I wrote a random rant about how QT should live his life, and Mr. Lucas Gallagher just  pointed out to me that almost everything I prophesied was talked about today, and I came close. Pretty damn close to what he was all about! Speaking to an Italian talk show host he says ‘maybe’ to a Basterds prequel, “uh, no…it’ll never happen” to a Pulp Fiction sequel (sorry, Vega Brothers fans) and then, and this is the important part, says “but you didn’t ask the third thing. Would I ever do a third…a Kill Bill, Volume 3?” The woman looks taken aback, then asks the question. Will you do Kill Bill 3? “Yes!” And the crowd goes wild. Nuff’ said. I am the Nostrodamus of film, shit, I called the  3 of those possibilities days ago. And I don’t need to say I told ya so, I’m just excited it’s happening!!!! Watch the Interview after the jump…

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