Whip It Movie Review

              When a problem comes along, you must Whip It. That is basically the WHOLE concept of the film of the same name. Drew Barrymore’s directing debut is done so with a style that is as conceptual as an ordinary movie. Nothing extraordinary.

Grabbing a hold of Juno’s Ellen Page, taking the name Juno off her and placing her in a different environment where she is not where she wants to be. Following in the sourpuss footsteps of her mom (Marcia Gay Harden), in the beauty pageant circuit, Juno-ahem-BLISS, doesn’t know who she is, until she conveniently comes across a flyer for 70’s style to 21st century roller derby. With it comes the tutelage of life she never learned from home, aggression, standing up for yourself, and ROLLERSKATING!! Surrounded by a host of mid level female celebs; rapper Eve, bad guy girl arch nemesis, Juliette Lewis, who herself is as sharp a razor edge bad guy, as a bitchy high school girl, who has more bark than bite. The incomparable Kristen Wiig, who plays the mommy figure to Bliss, and finally Barrymore, with a full role, speaks rarely with a dumbass dialogue as if she’s stoned for the whole film, and that’s the roster.

            This film was cute and fuzzy, trying to show fangs it didn’t have. The moments that are feel good, are the moments when Bliss gets to let her father know where her heart is and what moves her…But that isn’t what this movie was about. I saw it to expect some sort of  cult status it may potentially develop, but sorry to say, I don’t believe it has the legs for the Box Office, or a cult status…Its the kind that falls flat on its ass when it straps on its skates…Sorry honey.

 2 outta 5 Stars

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