Sarah Palin Signed XBOX 360???


Oh boy!! There is nothing I want more then to have an XBOX signed by Sarah Palin…actually, there is one thing I want more…I want cupcakes!!!!…And then I want to spend $1,100,000.00 and wait 5 days for the ebay auction to end so I can own this stupid thing…
Here’s the ebay Listing:

“The infamous Sarah Palin XBOX 360 was autographed at the governors picnic on July 24, 2009, in Wasilla, Alaska, just two days before her resignation as governor of that state. You can own this 60GB, perfect-condition, one-of-a-kind item before her expected run for president of the United States of America in 2012.
The Sarah Palin Signed Autograph XBOX 360 Story:
My name is David Morrill. I live in Alberta Canada and I have always wanted to drive the Alaskan highway from my home near Edmonton Alberta, all the way to Alaska. This trip is about a 7000km / 4300mi round trip. I figured that since I was going up there anyway, I should try to see the most famous person from that state, so I timed my trip with the governors picnic in Wasilla. When the governors picnic took place, there were hordes of people trying to see her, but I pushed my way through the crowd to the front of the line. When I was in front of Sarah Palin, I told her that I had traveled three days to see her and asked her to sign my Xbox360. She said it was the most extravagant thing she had ever been asked to sign. I shook her hand, removed myself from the crowd, and then I packed up my Xbox360 and headed home. It was one of the greatest thrills of my life to have watched Sarah Palin on CNN, SNL, Youtube, and then to see her right in front of me. If you would like to learn more about me, you may click on my user ID.”

Good luck to all the bidders! May your money burn a hole in your ass pockets and then in David Morrill’s hands!!!

Xbox 2

Thanks Geekologie for the find!

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