Seth Green Caught Having Meltdown

Celeb freakouts and rants are the new publicity stunts in the industry I suppose. This time Seth Green got caught on film for apparently being mugged by two guys outside his commercial set. The teeny tiny, Family Guy, and Robot Chicken star flipped a table as well as his lid.

Speculation is that this is a setup. Fake. But, I’m sorry, I think when a celeb gets  nailed with all the cellphone cams out there, the new excuse is….”I set that all up.”  Here is a quote that makes no sense from the Popeater:

Gawker believes the video is fake for two reasons — one, they can’t see Green throwing a tantrum and two, they don’t think he’s that good of an actor

So wait, They BELIEVE the vid is fake, because they don’t think he’s that good of an actor….?????? That would mean it was REAL because he ACTED so REALISTICALLY. Its REAL cuz he’s not that good of an actor, so its real cuz he was genuinely having a tantrum. With good reason if he was mugged, but….Who gives a fuck, watch it.

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