Give me your clothes….I’m sure you will not be standing buck ass naked in the middle of the city asking a group of hoods if you can so nonchalantly have his jacket. Not with the T-800’s replica LEATHER JACKET!!!!! For the 25th Anniversary of The Terminator, YOU can get this limited edition piece of Sci-Fi History here.

The jacket features police grade leather with zip-out cold weather, custom printed lining and sew-in label celebrating the 25th anniversary.  It also incorporates all the safety features of today’s motorcycle jackets, to ensure realism and protection, if you want to wear it when you ride.  Remember to look over your shoulder, because he’ll be back…

Before it was a balls out action flick, the Terminator was a sci-fi HORROR classic, and before that little punk John Conner was born, it was the early 80’s and a young Bill Paxton had the balls to insult a naked cyborg…Check it out.

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