20 Reasons Why Nerds Make Awesome Friends


Nerds genuinely appreciate compliments.

Nerds don’t need a calculator.

Nerds don’t frequently grow too much body hair.

Nerds always win at trivia.

Nerds are awesome at video games.

Nerds can code HTML.

Nerds make great designated drivers.

Nerds have ridiculous imaginations.

Nerds know six ways to kill you with a pencil.

Nerds make great Monopoly bankers.

Nerds can quote movies like nobody’s business.

Nerds always have exact change.

Nerds will make you sound great on paper, for a nominal fee.

Nerds know there’s no age limit for toys.

Nerds are always down for roleplaying.

Nerds look forward to awkward moments.

Nerds have an ointment for everything.

Nerds hate l33t just as much as you do, but they use it anyway.

Nerds always look good in drag.

Nerds have bigger dicks.

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