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Details about Warren Spector’s new Wii game, Epic Mickey, have been slipped from a close source of Disney to Eurogamer. Epic Mickey takes place in a world were “forgotten” Disney characters (the enemies of the world) and Disney creations are re-created. Oswald the Rabbit has returned from the vaults to take revenge on Mickey (who was actually created after Oswald.) Oswald releases The Phantom Blot to challenge Mickey in his quest buy spreading black ink all over the world. With the help of his tools; paintbrush, pencil, eraser, and other artist materials, Mickey must “draw” his way through the worlds and levels in order to restore the peace and color. Epic Mickey is a game about thinking and artistry. And Mickey will be getting some sort of “retro” makeover.

Source: Joystick

Check out some possible concepts/images…

Mick 2

Mic 3

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