Good god, I’m coming up with reasons! Good god, Your draggin’ it out!……That sums up the epic wait time we’ve spent in the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’s waiting room! But it was Heinz Ketchup that said “The best thing comes, to those who wait…” As a Pre- Friends Matt Leblanc took the time to drop his condiment from the roof of a building onto his hotdog below to impress a chick…BUT WAIT! I think I’ve lost the path of my main point.

“Nothing’s Permanent..Not even death”, The haunting words of Johnny Depp shred my mortality, in the dreary foreshadowing, or perhaps subtle reference to the loss of Heath, mid-movie….

OK! So, with the sad demise of our beloved Heath ledger, the brilliance of Terry Gilliam morphed our actor into several other MVP’s such as Colin Farrell, Jude Law, and..Oh yes, Mr. Johnny Depp, I think..(in a whisper-channelling a Jack Sparrow doppleganger). This was to replace the the unfortunate death of Heath, and the only way it seemed to work was bringing in the other players, to complete the incomplete vision. For many years, that was the only info we were privy to. This gorgeous, visually stunning film, makes my soulless heart break at the thought of no more Ledger, I fell in love with him in Brokeback Mountain (ACTING!!! you immature assholes!!), and now this is his final bow. Terry Gilliam’s weird style, just in my opinion, will soar to new heights with his lineup of actors as well as the staggering F/X of the film….(Via ToplessRobot)

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