Venom Film Get’s Awesome Scribe!

So, it wasn’t very long ago I posted on the Venom film coming to fruition, and whether or not the awesome Topher Grace would return to do his deplorable take on Venom, in Spiderman 3. THR reports:

Gary Ross is writing “Venom,” Columbia’s “Spider-Man” spinoff based on one of the villains from “Spider-Man 3,” as a potential directing vehicle. Ross is already writing “Spider-Man 4” for the studio.

In the comics, Venom is a gooey alien parasite that bonds with Peter Parker and later his newsroom rival, among other people, becoming one of more popular villains in “Spider-Man’s” rogue gallery.

Topher Grace portrayed the character in the 2007 movie, which ended with both the human and the alien symbiote apparently destroyed in an explosion.

The studio had no comment on Grace’s involvement nor on Ross writing the project.

So Seabisquit is a pretty damn good flick. BUT!!!! It was an adaption of a book! If Grace is not involved it may be strange, but I don’t think he can pull off a starring vehicle as Venom himself, but everyone made fun of Tobey Mac- as Spidey….So…We’ll see, at this point we need to gather more info on what the studio is going to be, and whether or not Marvel’s production company will place a secret appearance by Iron Man to tell Venom about the Avengers Program…

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