I think my inner 12 year old just got a boner.  For real, anyone out there that says Mr. Stallone is washed up is fooling themselves because goddammit, he still has it! He knows how to make a fun filled popcorn chompin’ action romp. After seeing this trailer I’m pretty sure when Expendables comes out no one will need to make an action movie anymore because this one looks like it has it all.  The cast alone is all I need to hear to shell out  my 10 bucks !

Action Hero Roll Call:

Sly Stallone…Here.  Jason Statham…Present.  Jet Li… I Here.  Eric Roberts, Micky Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis, Stone Cold, Danny Trejo, and The Governator…All present and accounted for!

*Mouth Agape*  Sorry I don’t know how to spell the sound of the long string of drool leaking down my face but, it’s there.

Basic Plot, a group of bad ass mercs go to South America and blow shit up for 2 hours.  If you’re not sold yet well, we can no longer be friends.  This one can’t come out fast enough!

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