Deadpool Corps… Way Cooler Than The A-Team, Foo


When I heard about this, I was pissed. They are going to continue the over-saturation of  Deadpool in the comic world by bringing us a team of Deadpools. Lady Deadpool, Kid Deadpool, Headpool, and muthafuckin’ DOGPOOL… all in one failtacular team! I was pissed, but I am no longer. Dogpool, on his own, will rape. I can’t wait to see the conversations he has with himself…

This was announced at the Diamond Retailers Summit, but things were a little cloudy until now when some pics surfaced. This is apparently going to start in Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #7 with the appearance of Lady Deadpool and go into a mini-event and hopefully die out there in an awesome way. I will definitely buy it and cherish it, but if it goes further than that, it would be a waste of the great Deadpool name.

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