Nerd Art: The Sinking Of The Oruko Ship


Nerd artist and lesser known He-man fan, Jacob Borshad labored for a week in Nakatomi Print labs to bring the world his newest 8 color print- “The Sinking of the Oruko Ship”.  Which apparently is a classic Japanese poem featuring a sea monster and a fishing boat. In this case the sea monster has been replaced by Masters of The Universe baddie, Mer-Man and has been illustrated in the style or Ukiyo-e. (Basically a poem or story accompanied to an Epic piece of art). The poem in this 18×20 print has been kindly translated by Mr. Borshad.

 Mer-man rose from the murky depths,
He turned our ship over and ate it up,
The waves washed me to the rocks,
Where a shell diver found me,
And took me to her Grandfather’s hut.
I was ill for weeks,
She brought me hot green tea,
And seaweed soup,
With Urchins,
Fresh cut,
Plucked by her small ocean hands.
One day, she took me to the sea,
Where she unfurled her tail,
And swam away.
Whenever I hear of Mer-man attacking,
I think of her small ocean hands.

 The print is available right now for only $30.00 but you better hurry because it is limited to a mere 40 prints worldwide.

 You can pick one up at nakatomiinc 

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