Seems like this movie has been coming soon forever, but the wait is almost over. This trailer is ostensibly cooler than the film first appeared, Benicio Del Toro is in this trailer for about 3 seconds though…Strange. Emily Blunt is so hot, I wanna punch a child, and the transformation sequences look so fucken realistic that it took my breath away. If you go back and look at Lord of the Rings, those award winning special affects still hold up..Golem still looks outstanding, but special affects keep getting so evolved its impossible to not be blown away with this movie’s aesthetic. American Werewolf In London was such an amazing transformation sequence because of that reason, and many since then have not held up because of shoddy CG (I’m NOT sorry, American Werewolf in Paris).

Lets hope they don’t turn this into the Mummy franchise. The CG now also, doesn’t hold up, and the only saving grace was in Mummy Returns…Thats right…The Rock’s Scorpion King cameo!

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