Donkey Zombie Punch

True Story:

You’re in Iowa City.  It’s 1:17 in the morning.  You’re enjoying a no-bean burrito when –suddenly– the zombie apocalypse rears it’s ugly head.  What are you gonna do?

Granted, most of us wouldn’t punch a zombie in the face.  That’s a little too close for comfort.  But it was the first thing that came to mind and you panicked.  After all, you’ve never seen a real-life zombie before.  Well, there was that one time you smoked a bunch of salvia and thought you saw Jesus, but you’re pretty sure that was a hallucination.  After you punch the sucker twice (Rule #2: Double Tap), you make a run for it.  Who could blame you?!

The Iowa City Police.

Turns out, the guy you punched wasn’t a zombie.  Whoops!  But seriously, who hasn’t made that rookie mistake before?  These crazy dudes hanging out at a Mexican’t place at 1AM are usually pretty sketchy and all strung out on meth… it’s easy to confuse them with the walking dead.  I do have to wonder what pushed you over the edge, though?  Did he order his quesadilla with a side of human flesh?


SciFi Wire  via io9

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