South Park Still Razor Sharp

I know South Park is a little dated. In fact Family Guy took over in the “No they D’int!” cartoon shock shows. But as I began getting back into the series, I realized how topical and relevant they remain, as well as still laugh out loud hilarious. So when you think for just one second that there’s nothing left for them to do that could be offensive or cross any more lines….We were wrong. Last nights all new episode, with the rediculous intro above, made the Japanese assault on all Dolphins and whales across the counrty. Cartmen sings an AMAZING version of Poker Face on Rock Band, and they rip apart Whale Wars..Or whatever that lame show is called. Without giving away the ending, the summation is so simplistic its pure genious…Dolphins are the cause of the A-Bomb on Hiroshima…Yes. It goes there from the beginning. Twisting and turning with a delicious absurdity that keep it as a pop culture icon which has remained on the air for 13 seasons for a reason.

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