Paying his dues like a 4th string trooper Dylan Baker may finally get his day. In Sam Raimi’s Spiderman Franchise, Baker plays Dr. Connors, the human scientist who transforms into the reptilian beast in the comics.  Baker has confirmed he’ll be back for Spider-Man 4, but didn’t reveal what capacity that may occur. So here is the news. We all know it was a total buildup for him to become The Lizard.

Also circulating the rumor mill about this story, is that Raimi is going back to the well. What I mean is a one villain film, like part 1 and 2. Spiderman 3 was well…So bad I wanted to be face deep in man ass that night just so I could be somewhere else…Ok, maybe not THAT bad, but made The Fantastic Four look like The Godfather. While Baker has confirmed he is returning, he has not verbally admitted he is the nemesis but several outlets have gotten the tip..May not be the most reputable source, but it has not been denied.

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