Anthony Hopkins Set To Play Odin In Thor

As the Thor movie fleshes out and grows in leaps and bounds to finality we are now honord with the addition of world class actor and knight, Sir Anthony Hopkins. According to Variety:

Hopkins will play Odin, the father of Thor and Loki. Chris Hemsworth is playing Thor, and Tom Hiddleston plays Loki. Kenneth Branagh will direct.

Now in the Norse mythos, Odin rode an 8 legged horse name Sleiphner, who also had 2 Raven companions and 2 flying wolves. In addition, Odin with similiar features to Thor, was a jacked up, big bearded Viking god himself. So, while I am not disappointed that he is playing the role, it is a rather just a marquee value thing. Get the name, not the accuracy. Hopefully, they CG up a couple feet to his height and some abs ala’ 300!

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