Meet the real-life Harry Potter, a young man who claims his life is being made a misery because of his famous fictional namesakeDaniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

This Harry Potter is more likely to end up in Azkaban than Hogwarts. 20 year old Harry Potter, a dude from Portsmouth England has been dealing with a barage of EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE that relates with HP for the last 12 years. The Daily Mail (The less than reputable British paper) has written a piece on the young man expressing his chagrin and malice for the world famous ficticious wizard.

Potter told the Daily Mail that, at first, he thought it was cool to have the same name as the whimsical wizard, but now it’s just really annoying. As he told the paper, “After 12 years of it I couldn’t count the amount of times I’ve heard ‘You’re a wizard, Harry.’ It does wear a bit thin after a while. And I’ve heard all the puns about my wand.”

 Kid looks like he’s two more comments short of going postal at work. I’m theorizing that within this year, I’ll be re-writing this piece that Harry Potter from Portsmouth England “Has just massacred 8 before going out in a hail of gunfire.”

Hey fuckface? Do you know what I’VE dealt with? For the last…Um…24 years I have been 1) Zach the Lego Maniac, 2) Zach Attack, and 3) Zach Morris….As in ANY telephone conversation “Hey, this is Zach Lawrence…..-WHAT ?!ZACH MORRIS??” I didn’t get a published article about myself because people make LOTS of jokes. Remember the sketch from SNL in the early 90’s? Bildo? Killed everyone, went to jail and his cellmate was Bob Bagina? Yeah, it sucks…Cry..Below is me along 1988 Zack the Lego Maniac. (Best pic available)

 While it may not be the street cred you have, it does suck all the same. Cheers to your 10 second claim to fame!


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