Top 7 “Any Pointer” Movies


            There are some movies that start and you go YAY! And you go and sit, even though you need to be somewhere else, and while your foot is out the door, you are trying to pry your eyes away from said film. Then there are the movies that you turn on, and NO MATTER WHAT scene it’s on, you will follow through and watch it until the end. I’ll call these “Any Pointers”, while they are not your favorite movies, you hold them to a different gold standard then some movies. Here’s my quick list of some good ol’ boys, and I would love to hear your faves! Slingem’my way.


7) Goodfellas/Casino- This is a rare 2fer. While Goodfellas is the more beautiful and dominant film of the two, though strikingly similar to each other when either movie is on demand or god…do I admit this? TNT or FX…These movies are that damn good.


6) Forgetting Sarah Marshall- Ok, most of these fuckers may be newer films, but they are On Demand!!! What can I say? Jason Siegel’s mourning Peter is an uplifting breath of fresh full frontal penis shots. The jokes age like a fine wine with each viewing.

 5) The Beach- Maybe it’s how different this film was from anything Leo Dicap has done before, or maybe it’s a lifestyle that I’d love to indulge in. Irregardless, no matter what point this gets me at, I’ll miss a funeral.


4) Snatch- Maybe it’s “Zee Jermans” I’m in fear of. Or it could be Brad Pitt’s mush mouthed pikey, bare knuckle gypsy boxer Mickey. I watch all the good characters and spaces in between to watch Brad Pitt shine.


3)Elizabeth- While Elizabeth, the 2 part HBO series was a breathtaking piece of work, the first one done with the sexy, smokin’ hot, number one actress of our age, Cate Blanchett doing her “Ugly’n it up” for the Oscars was the superior. It is so good, that even when its starting when I’m gonna have sex………..Well, I’ll DVR pause it, have sex AND THEN watch it from where it was.


2) There Will Be Blood- Daniel Day Lewis can go for huge gaps in this film of not speaking and I am riveted to the screen. The final end scene in the movie is so fucking insanely good I get Goosebumps. This is one of the best boring movies ever!


1) In Bruges- Colin Farrell’s every move in this film are some of the funniest in movie history. Because it was an indy, if you haven’t seen it, you need to. From the opening scene til the final 5 minutes. You want to see Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell doing a bunch of blow and then karate chop a dwarf? This is not just a good movie, it’s actually now, one of the best.

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