Even though the wonderful display at last years Oscar ceremonies by Wolverine were well recieved and elegant, it appears Mr.Jackman will not be returning this year…So Step right up and see the men who wooooooooon the truth!! That’s right, we have a split decision, photo finish, this years Academy Awards will be presented by none other than Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.  How could this come to such a pass, you might ask?…Well…I don’t know -BUT! With Baldwin hot off 30 Rock and SNL’s seasonal MVP its a sure hit with his SNL alum bud, Martin. Of whom by the way hosted the Oscars in 2000. His opening roast of the A-Listers front and center,  and hilarious rip on the newly minted Russell Crowe, was none too pleased… With his reaction being repeated, much to his chagrin, at the roar of the audience.

The chemistry between Baldwin and Martin was showcased in one of the FUNNIEST sketches ever devised on SNL, with them both in the Green Room and during a smug and mild conversation they repeat thwarted assassinations upon each other.

While no one can ever predict the numbers of viewers, this certainly can’t hurt it. Gentlemen, lets see what you can do with a 7 and a half hour live show!

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