Order now and it will be there by Xmas! Thats right, our fave EntertainmentEarth has just got these awesome Star Wars Jedi Cloaks and they will be available Dec.2009-But thats not all, this quarter’s mag dishes out a bunch of awesome new shwag for you to get your filthy Bastard hands on. BTW, you wanna dress like Obi Wan your gonna need Jabba cash, with each of these badboys going for 299.00!!!

More cool shit after the jump.


How NerdAwesome is this shit!?!? So, your in a bar or club, hitting on some hot green chick, and she sexily smells your neck and asks what you’re wearing…You reply coolly….Tiberius

Super cheap AND practical! Start your own pet cemetary now!

 Boston’s favorite Irish sons are now yours to toy with! Brand New and a great follow up to All Saints Day…Is there anything this magazine can’t do????

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