LOL: SNL Digital Short : ‘Firelight’

I don’t watch SNL often but when I do I prefer Dos Equis. Wait…I think I just confused a long running sketch comedy show with my favorite alcoholic beverage. Though SNL’s golden years are behind us the show does churn out a few gems every now and then. You might be surprised that Andy Samberg/ Lonely Island is not responsible for this weeks, crowd pleasing Digital Short. Replace sparkling vampires with Frankenstein monsters, who accidentally choke people and what do you get? Well ’Firelight’ of course, a shockingly accurate parody of “Twilight”. Taylor Swift as Kristen Stewart is worth the watch alone. She is fucking spot on! Plus the bunsen burner fearing franks are pretty hilarious too.
If this was SNL’s next feature length movie I would watch it repeatedly. Well played boys, well played!
(Thanks to Zach Lawrence for being the last person left watching SNL, for the tip)



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