Spiderman Arrested!


Imagine your little kid walking down the street, hopefully with your parents and you all of a sudden see policemen arresting Spiderman, what do you do? Do you do you go and try to help Spiderman get a way from the police knowing that there must be some sort of mistake or do you run home and burn all your Spiderman comics and toys in shame?

 Christopher Loomis was working Hollywood Boulevard in his Spidey suit, collecting tips from tourists by posing for pictures, when he allegedly slugged a man in the face and arms resulting an his arrest. I guess this gives new meaning to the lyrics “Look out, here comes the Spiderman”.

 It should be noted that it wasn’t so easy for the LAPD to find the alleged assailant, even though he was dressed in the bright red-and-blue costume. But when officers responded to a radio call reporting a battery by Spider-Man, they discovered four different people dressed as Spidey along the tourist-filled corridor that includes Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Seriously guys, was it really that hard to find the guy with the worst Spiderman costume in history?

source via latimesblog

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