A long time ago (about 30 something years), in a galaxy far, far away (well, here on Earth but you get the picture), Star Wars made an inspiring and glorious entrance into our lives. It was the beginning of one of the biggest phenomena’s to strike the common day people of our universe. With the talents of composer John Williams a spectacular array of musical talent in which every Star Wars fan can hum in their sleep was created. From the Main Theme to the Imperial March, the music in the movies has played a vital role in helping to bring out the passion of each movie.

From John Williams:

Creating the music for the Star Wars films has been an exciting and wonderful experience for me, and I therefore have derived particular pleasure in assembling a compendium of themes from all of the films to be presented in Star Wars: In Concert.
My hope is that audiences will derive real pleasure from this event, as we celebrate in a new and joyous way, the dazzling originality of the Star Wars saga.

I was fortunate enough to be able to experience Star Wars in Concert while it made its way through Boston, MA. Before the show there was an exhibit in which we were able to see the actual costumes worn by some of the most famous characters ever imagined. From the Black attire of Darth Vader to the furry monstrosity of Chewbacca to the red and blue cloaks of the Imperial Guard, we were overwhelmed by the magnitude in which these pieces of clothing held such an interest with us. When we were ushered to our seats we looked up at the stage to probably the largest hi-def , LED screen (100 feet tall!) I have ever seen. There were also four other screens surrounding it! I looked around and saw that there was such a collection of people ranging from a few months old (I kid you not) to people well into their 80’s. There were families, friends and even people who came by themselves. It amazes me how the magic of Star Wars still exists but the theatrical amazement seems to be lingering somewhere else now. Before it were fans waiting in lines for days, and in some cases months, waiting to experience Star Wars. And as I looked around the arena I was saddened to see that many seats remained unfilled.

And then an announcement came over the speakers warning us that the lights were going to be dimmed and the show was about to begin. The anticipation of what was about to come hit me and I was suddenly consumed with excitement. The orchestra began to ensemble on stage and the arena went black. “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” appeared before us on the screen and (cue music) the orchestra began the Star Wars Main theme. Although I knew this is how the show was going to start, goose-bumps invaded my, I did not expect to succumb to this type of awesomeness. After the opening score, Darth Vader (over the immense speakers) introduced our host for the evening, Anthony Daniels, C-3PO, himself. We are warmly invited to partake in the events of the Star Wars Saga by traveling back in time to the beginning where it all began. From there we experience the different events and characters that make up the story and watch as they unfold before our eyes.


(Anthony Daniels narrates a portion of the story from the films on stage)

Throughout each segment the story is told by the mesmerizing music the orchestra plays before us; with additonal visual effects created by fire, jet streams, lazers and some serious lighting (which if you were sitting in the balcony I am pretty sure you would leave blinded)! From the opening theme to the end titles you are thrust into a presentation of celebration; a spectacle that will entrance and engulf you with its wonderment.


(C-3PO onscreen with lights and lasers)

Dirk Brosse, who conducted the 86-piece orchestra, did an amazing job conducting the sequences. He kept the music completely in tune and on key as the various video segments were displayed upon the screen. He really helped to honor the music of John Williams.

From Dirk Brosse:

It takes you immediately and you’re out of this world, and it’s like you go into a dream. You go into the story. You go into Star Wars. It’s like you become part of it, and it’s a feeling you don’t have as you go to the movie.

Throughout the entire experience I only had two complaints. One, actually had nothing to do with the show but with the exhibit before hand. There were many different characters and momorabilia  placed throughout the corrider and unfortunatley too many people. This made trying to get a picture with them, or just of them, very difficult and confusing. There was no organization and no set line of formation.  There is nothing worse then dealing with an angry mob. Secondly, actually dealing with the show itself, I was very perplexed as to why certain scenes from the movies were duplicated (many times) in the presentation and why some of the scenes did not correspond to the story that was being told. Case in point: the final batlle between the rebels and the empire, in Return of The Jedi. As to why clips from the Gungan droid battle form episode 1 were show here will remain a mystery to me.

Star Wars in concert is a celebration of young and old fans alike coming together to partake in an amazing tribute to a classic. I would highly reccomend taking some time out and going to see this if and when it comes to venue near you. I am hoping it will someday return so I will be able to experience this once again. As the Force surrounds us and binds us so does Star Wars in Concert. Be sure that you experience this for yourselves first hand.  


The Remaining Tour Dates

Sunday 11/15/09          Ottawa, Canada

Tuesday 11/17/09        Montreal, Canada

Wednesday 11/18/09   Toronto, Canada

Friday 11/20/09           Auburn Hills, MI

Saturday 11/21/09        Pittsburgh, PA

 Tuesday 11/24/09        Toledo, OH

Wednesday 11/25/09   Columbus, OH

Thursday 11/26/09       Cleveland, OH

Saturday 11/28/09        Chicago, IL

Sunday 11/29/09          Omaha, NE

Tuesday 12/1/09          Kansas City, MO

Wednesday 12/2/09     Saint Louis, MO

Thursday 12/3/09         Cincinnati, OH

Sunday 12/6/09            Indianapolis, IN

Tuesday 12/8/09          Nashville, TN

Wednesday 12/9/09     Philadelphia, PA

Thursday 12/10/09       Wilkes Barre, PA

Friday 12/11/09           Baltimore, MD

Saturday 12/12/09        East Rutherford, NJ

Sunday 12/13/09          Long Island, NY

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