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(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

Christmas (as well as Kwanzaa and Hanukah) is right around the corner and all those Christmas Tress (or if you want to be politically correct-Holiday Trees) will be going up starting the end of next week. Now, if you’re like me you have a ton on old ornaments lying around back from when you were a child. And don’t get me wrong, you still like your teddy bear 1st Christmas ornament or the cut out circle with macaroni glued all over it from 2nd grade ornament. But since you have become older and wiser and feel the need for some sophistication, the hunt will be on for some more “intelligent” and age appropriate ornaments. So, what do you need? Why, my help of course! I am bringing you the top 10 (in no particular order) must have ornaments for your tree. So go ahead, take a gander, and then start ordering them now!

Just an aside: a majority of the ornaments are from Hallmark, but then again Hallmark makes just about every ornament imaginable!

First up is the Starfleet Phaser Ornament from Hallmark. For $18.50 you can have this little gem. You can  listen to the whirring sound effects and  to Captain Kirk.

Star Trek Phaser

Next up is the Super Mario Ornament Set from CCG Armory. You don’t just get 1 ornament, you get 6!!Koopa Troopa, Mario & Luigi Sack, Yoshi, Mario, Princess and Toad, and Bowser. For $33.50 only…that’s less then 6 bucks per ornament!

Super Mario Set

A Deadly Duel from Hallmark is next on the list. Here you can have Obi and Darth Mal battling it out on your tree. For $32.00 I wouldn’t say it was worth it but it would be a great gift to receive!

Star Wars Duel

Now you need the Super Friends Lunchbox. Originally by Hallmark they no longer sell it but I found it at multiple sites online. With the famous faces of Superman, Wonderwoman, Batman and others…It ranges from $9.99 to $15.oo but I think its totally worth it due to the fact it is a Lunchbox AND thermos…who doesn’t want that on their tree?!?!


Then there is the Galagaa ornament from Hallmark. I remember this game as though I was playing it yesterday. For $18.50 you can have this lasting memory hanging before you that is complete with lights and sounds!


Next up, the Batman Batcylce. The 2005 ornament form Hallmark can be bought for $17.00 in a damaged box and $21.00 in a mint box. I’ll take the cheaper one…the box is being thrown out anyways! And Batman may not be your favorite character but the ornament itself looks awesome!


Retrieving The Idol from Hallmark is next on my list. Straight form Raiders of the Lost Arc, Indiana Jones can now be a permanent figure on your tree. Sells for $18.50 and plays “The Raiders March.”

Idol Indiana Jones

A Christmas Story is a classic movie that I always have to sit down and watch this time of year. So, Ralphie’s Pink Nightmare is a must have for anyone who enjoys this movie. It sells for $16.50 and includes some phrases from the movie.

Ralphie Nightmare Xmas Story

ECTO-1 from Hallmark is a definite MUST HAVE!!! Right out of Ghostbusters comes this little replica of the Ectomobile. And it plays the themesong! For $18.50 it can be yours!

ECTO-1 ghostbusters

And now, last but not least…a little something for the sentimental type. It is a Male Video Game Player (made out of polyresin) from Giftshop 1234. The middle of his shirt is white which makes the perfect place to have your name etched on it! Not exactly your typical themed ornament but none the less a must have for yourself!

Video Game Player

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