1. Kindle – Oh to have the entire Chronicles of Narnia set right in your pocket at all times…the future is here, people. As every nerd knows, Amazon.com offers this little book reading device…but did you know the price just came down to $259!! Go now! Go add it to your wish list! And then come back and find out what else you want on your list for Santa this year…kindle

2. Retro Block iPod Speaker – Yes, this dorky little item will charm any nerd with a penchant for engineering. The little Lego-looking mini-dock requires no batteries! Oh, and joy of all joys…you can get in in regular or metallic! Available at Fredflare.com

ipoddockLego…read more after the jump

3. Pac Man JewelryNeed I say more?

pac24. Robot Thumb Drives — You work hard…you deserve this pricey but bitchin’ little Robot USB Flash Drive that holds 2GB and what’s even cooler than its function? Well, the LED light that illuminates the Robot’s head when you plug it into your PC! I told you it was bitchin’. At $63 this little item is not the cheapest USB Drive on the market…but come on! Its a ROBOT WITH A LIGHT UP HEAD!!!


5. Nerdy Baby Onesies — For those of you with baby nerds to shop for this year, you’re in luck…this Etsy seller has lots of options for said baby nerds. Why not adorn your little one in a Davinci-esque Wheel Onesie, or perhaps the “I love tacos” or the Alphabet design suits you better. Not that there is anything nerdy about loving tacos.

davincionesie6. 1.3 Megapixel Spy Camera Sunglasses — Yes, they shoot hi-res photos on the sly…but that’s not all! They also play MP3s via embedded earbuds, and come with a remote control for snapping photos, a carrying case and cleaning cloth. Now you can secretly photograph fly-on-the-wall style while you sit back and enjoy the soundtrack to the Buffy musical episode! USB input connects these specs to your PC. All for just $80!spy_camera_sunglasses_inuse7. Eyeclops Night Vision Binoculars — Who hasn’t been in a situation or two where you need to see up to 50 feet in the dark? I know, I know…but now there is a solution. A giant headgear with infrared technology that not only looks cool (heh)…it actually works! And I am sorry but $90 is just plain cheap for this useful fashion statement.ABF5_nightvisiongoggles_combo

8. Tree Ornament Flask — This is almost too cool for this list…but it qualifies due to its well-executed double function. Who doesn’t need to sneak a little hooch during the holiday season, what with all the visitors, the stress of coming up with gift ideas (wink), and the general mayhem! What would make decorating the tree more relaxing and fun than an ornament filled with bath tub gin? Nothing! Nothing at all. More ornament ideas here.


9. Cassette Tape Handbag — Are you one of those people who longs for a simpler time when Cassette Tapes were king? Then this gift is for you. In fact, the seller even boasts that it is a perfect carrier for your Transformers and Strawberry Shortcake dolls! CasetteToteBagmain10. Addictaball! – Need a stocking stuffer that won’t break the bank? Here’s an awesome $7 ball-through-a-maze that will provide lo-tech fun for nerds of any age. Just see if you can put it down…addictaballs_main

(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

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