10 Reasons Why Jason Segel is the Man.

Jason Segel is the man.  He plays with puppets in his spare time, writes stupid songs, and even hops on stage with Maroon 5.  He’s constantly underestimated and rarely outdone.  I love this goofy bastard.  Let me tell you why.

-He’s the world’s #1 supervillain.

-He wrote and starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where the nerd got the girl… and lost her.  But then he got a hotter girl.  And he was completely nude in one scene.
-It was pretty big.
-He wrote the upcoming Muppet movie, called The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made (Men who can get a job on children’s programming after a nude scene > you.)
Freaks and Geeks.  Hello0000.
-He was in Dead Man on Campus which is the funniest and most underrated movie ever.
-This amazing clip of him and NPH singing the confrontation song from Les Miserables.

-He plays Marshall on How I Met Your Mother.  Everyone on that show is a nerd of awesome proportions.  Even ladies’ man Barney Stinson has a life-size Stormtrooper in his apartment.
-Forgiving and kind-hearted, Jason was able to overlook The Brown Bunny and date Chloe Sevigny anyway.
-He reminded Paul Rudd just how good it feels to “slappa dat bass”.

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