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So once upon a time, there was this kid who went to school and had a LOT of homework and really difficult tests. During his final week ever, the school gave him the hardest test of all — regurgitate everything he ever learned over the past four years. The kid studied hard and, after a nerve-wracking week of written and oral (huh huh) tests, he passed that mofo of an exam with flying colors. Upon getting his grade, he ran out of the building to his friends, ripped open his button-down shirt, and revealed a Superman t-shirt underneath. The happy scene was preserved in the school yearbook.

Ok, so that story’s about a friend from college (Check him out – he’s awesome), BUT a little boy seems to be following in his footsteps! According to a detention report, little Anthony was “disrupting class by standing, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a Superman t-shirt and announcing he was Superman.” Detention! For being freaking awesome! If I ever decided to have demon spawn (unlikely), I’d give it these fabulous nerd-things and hope it would disrupt a class by claiming superherodom.

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