We here at NerdBastards are fans of Nerdery far and wide, ranging from the old and silly (Ice Pirates) to the incredibly hokey but so awesome you want it to be real (Small Wonder). When I was a kid I was a huge fan of Small Wonder in the same way I loved Gummi Bears and Camp Candy. Tiffany Brisssette, the underrated and sadly, typecast Vicki the Robot. She was adorable, funny, and strangely for a child that age, completely Oscar Worthy of her performance as Vicki. Better then G.I. Fuckhead Haley Joel Osmont as the robot kid from AI: Artificial Intelligence. Also on an even NerdBastardier front, she was an uncredited voice in The Ewok Adventure:Caravan of Courage. That right there gives her accolades in the Star Wars Universe…Although she is not the droid we’re looking for. Vicki is her shining star.

So, I want to know where she is 20 years later…The series ending in 1989, makes her somewhere in her mid 30’s so it should be awesome, but strangely, she has strayed away from the limelight after all these years. In the recent years, she has been a nanny, a marathon runner, and now if my sources are correct, a nurse. She didn’t receive many more roles after Vicki…But did she need to? No. She will live forever now, by design immortal. Living in our hearts as a part of our childhood that we can’t quite have back, but fondly daydream about, when the world around you sucks, and you wish things were simpler again….And a bald robot girl in a wig was entertaining.

Brissett_now1.jpg Tiffany Brissette image by LaundryStomach

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