Google Wave Preview — Day 1: I’m Lost

googlewavepreview01Today I was invited into the Google Wave Preview. So far from what I have gathered, its kind of a half-email/half-social networking combo. Check it out.

My first experience sending messages leaves me with that feeling that I’m in a dark room with a lot of doors that lead to even more dark rooms. I have yet to find the light switch to any of them. I don’t mean to over-extend my metaphor…but the only reason I can get some of the doors open is that Google knows what I already know from using facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. Google…you’re good.

One feature I am intrigued and intimidated by is that when messaging back and forth with my friend, I can see them typing in real time! I can see when they delete, pause to think, etc. Instead of the usual “personABC is typing” — I actually watch them type, and they can watch me! Is it just me or does this seem a little daunting. I mean, people can watch me form the message I end up sending…because there is no “send” there is only “done” — At some point I will become used to this and think nothing of it, but Day 1 of my preview finds me wondering if I’ll end up liking this.

I have little else to report so far because I have only one friend with which to “chat” or in this case “wave” with. Hmmm. Anyone else using Google Wave’s Preview?

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