We at nerd bastards don’t normally obsess over box office numbers, we generally don’t care. However, we can’t ignore the utter travesty that has happened over the past few days. Twilight: New Moon earned $26.27 million in midnight screenings which annihilated the previous record of $22.2 held by Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. New Moon has also claimed the biggest sales for opening day. Selling roughly $71 million worth of tickets which sadly kicks the ass of the $67 million The Dark Knight made (previous record holder). Really, this is just crap. How the hell does a horrible, visual companion to a horribly written book do this well? How many new born babies did Stephenie Meyer offer up in sacrifice to get this franchise to reach such super cult status? Just as I and many other Twilight haters were about to gauge our hearts out with a rusty spoon we’ve just been informed that New Moon did not take the biggest and most important record of opening weekend sales. With a $140 million it will come in third place in the biggest record holder scale. It will settle behind Spiderman 3 (2nd) with $148 million and The Dark Knight (First) with 155.34 Million . It’s a case of Twilight fans winning a few battles but not winning the war. However, the next installment of the Twilight saga: Eclipse is poised to unleash hell on earth.

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