Guess Who?!!?! SERIOUSLY!!!

Guess who? More like, who the fuck is that obviously drunk redneck, and why is that girl so hot? You’ll know him from his long line of work in an awesome franchise from the early 90’s.

Yes, que Say It Ain’t So!!! That’s Jimmy Workman, otherwise known as Pugsley from the Addam’s Family movies back in my Junior High Days…The sweet yet naive, “Acquitted” Lady Killer  was fundamentally the most sadistic and twisted Addams, but was also quick to obey his wiser and older sibling Wednesday. Too bad he didn’t follow in the indy footsteps of Christina Ricci, because Jimmy has gotten very little “Work Man” since. Besides a few TV shows this child star has yet to make his Ron Howard-like breakout except his currently rumored film work….

….According to the above picture, he is doing well.

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