We’ve all run across a few strange gadgets out there. Hi-tech, low tech, goofy, kitschy, sleek, useful, whatever…there are a ton of them. This list barely scratches the surface of what we’ve seen over the years…but these ones stand out. We’ve compiled this list of our favorites, which we now award “The Nerdies” — which one is your favorite?theBevy1. Handiest Gadget at the Party:  — Notable for its clever uses as an iPod shuffle case and earbud cord manager on a  keyring, this is already a crowd-pleaser. But what pushes this into the top of the crop for consideration in “The Nerdies” is the Hell-Yeah feature….the bottle opener! Who’s the coolest dork at the office party this year? The dork with The Bevy. That’s who.

heatupkneepads2. Fastest to Get You Beat-Up:  — We’re not sure where and when the need for heat-up knee pads originated. And we’re not sure why the stars aligned to allow this abomination to make it out of somebody’s daydream and onto the drawing board. But it did. And with your help, we can stomp-out this awful embarassment. If by some horrible trickery you come across these icky little USB Knee Warmers…please please, lets all agree to attack with full force. Thank you for your support.

3. Most Annoying:  —  Hmmm….what would make waking up even more unpleasant? A bucket of cold water, perhaps? A punch in the face? How about both? How about a loud, flying object that might just smack into you as you panic at the sound of a full-blown emergency…and that’s not all! How about you jump up out of your warm bed to retrieve the flying object because you cannot shut off the sound of municipal disaster warnings until you return the flying object to its dock, which is poorly engineered in order to further make the task difficult. Aaaah…what a refreshingly cruel way to wake up!

pets-eye-view-camera_main4. Crazy Cat Lady:  — Alright…here’s our issue with this device: Are there really situations where you have no clue what your dog or cat might be seeing? Because we will tell you. Knees, the floor, a food bowl, the couch, stairs, the yard. That’s about it. So we suggest that if you would like photos of said items, use one of your 15 other devices that snaps photos. And attach something practical to your dog or cat like say, a bottle opening MP3 Player.

kids-musuc-bags_main5. Second Fastest to Get You Beat-Up:  — Apparently whomever designed this little number didn’t brush up on the PTSD that bullying can cause in children. If you do decide to go with this sleeping bag suit with iPod holders…please keep your children indoors and away from the Wedgie Patrol.

41Ild3p+6AL._SL500_AA280_6. Lowest Tech and Brow:  — A gadget that combines a handy holder for office doodads AND a toilet joke! Its finally here! Who doesn’t want to see a photo of the guy/chick who invented this? Just to know what success looks like. Just saying.

handypen7. Handiest:  — Okay, now this one really does seem like a good idea. A pen with built in scratch paper. You can also remove the pen from the paper-holding portion of the barrel and write on the paper without tearing it off. We would use this. We really would. And our friends would make fun of us for doing so. Until they snaked it from us.

wifishirt8. Nerdiest Fashion Victim:  — If you’re wearing a shirt that detects Wi-Fi…we will follow you around. So we’re not sure the logo on the shirt is a great idea for people looking for a quiet place to have coffee and surf the web. This is the official pied piper shirt of nerds everywhere.

timexWhisper9. Strangest Presentation and Most Questionable Function:  — The Timex Whisper….what can we even say about it? Nothing. Because we don’t get it. But we had to include this in “The Nerdies” Top Ten because of this image. Its odd and awesome and perplexing. You’re welcome.

(Article by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

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